Driving brand results

Driving brand results

Media Planning, Strategy & Branding

Canadian Tire MotoCare Research, Rebrand and Awareness Campaign


Sault Ste. Marie’s Canadian Tire’s reputation wasn’t great (putting it mildly). We were called upon to help change these negative perceptions about the Canadian Tire Automotive Department, and ultimately garner customer acquisition and retention.


We got the ball rolling by researching and analyzing industry trends, which helped us prepare an insight summary. After that, we developed a marketing strategy, brand guidelines and creative concepts, along with media recommendations. The Canadian Tire Automotive Department was rebranded MotoCare, and we launched an associated Awareness Campaign showcasing the new name, tagline and positioning.


Like we said—website traffic increased by a whopping 84% compared to previous years. By continually monitoring and optimizing online performance, we were able to be flexible and direct the budget to high performing areas and jump on new opportunities as they arose.  In-depth online tracking allowed us to segment and analyze the performance of markets, users, devices, channels, website pages and ads on an individual level. This comprehensive analysis will be instrumental in planning future campaigns.