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Explore the possibilities

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Ontario is a much sought after getaway destination. People from all over North America and abroad visit the province to enjoy its many accommodations, sights and unique attractions. This holds especially true for Northern Ontario, which offers a multitude of urban, regional and avid outdoor experiences.

With so many different things to see and do, along with an equally diverse audience, we were faced with figuring out how to reach the audience and communicate the virtues of Northern Ontario? That was our challenge, and after some deep thinking we arrived at an innovative solution.


The primary challenge of developing content for the Northern Magazine was finding a balance between the outdoor activities (for the avid audience) that are synonymous with Northern Ontario with the lesser known urban and city attractions (for our regional readers).

We also had to take into account OTMPC’s overall brand strategy, which is articulated as ‘One discovery leads to another.’ This positioning is intended to communicate the bounty of getaway opportunities in Ontario. The same holds true for the Northern region of the province, which led us to naming the Northern Magazine as: ‘Explore the Possibilities.’ This invitation is intended to give our targets a good idea of what they can expect to experience when visiting. So, for example, a family or group can spend the day fishing on the St. Marys River in Sault Ste. Marie, and then enjoy an exciting night out at the OLG Casino.

Another important aspect to the Explore the Possibilities magazine is the authenticity of content. That’s why we made sure that writers who actually experienced what they were writing about told all the stories. The editorial portion of the book isn’t the only thing that sets it apart from your typical publication. Its construction is every bit as distinct. Because the regional and avid content appeals to different target audiences, we created a Flip Book that showcases regional content on one side and when turned over, gives readers a comprehensive account of Northern Ontario’s outdoor adventures including fishing, hunting, touring, paddling, hiking…the list goes on.


Explore the Possibilities was launched in mid-January 2015. With over 800,000 magazines being distributed throughout Ontario and the mid-west U.S. states, we are anxiously awaiting to see how it helps aspiring travellers better plan their Northern Ontario getaways driving an increase in 2015 overnight visitation!